We told you last week about Cornell’s summer stick dilemma and now we are presenting Jovan Miller’s summer stick.

But first, what exactly is a summer stick?

A summer stick doesn’t have to be legal. Most of you guys are going to recruiting camps and want to show off for the coaches. So, go ahead and make that bad boy as deep as you want.

Summer means recruitment. It’s hard to stand out at camps if you are dressed like everyone else. Pick up some flare from our style posts and make sure you don’t go unnoticed. Wear bright colored shoes, shorts, and dye your heads crazy colors.

Of course, Miller doesn’t have to try to get recruited this summer, but he still knows what’s up. Miller rocks pink during the summer. He’s showing support for Breast Cancer, he’s showing his flashy style, and it’s his summer teams’ color.

Picture of Miller with Kyle Harrison when he was a sophomore in high school. Watching Harrison play at Hopkins kept Miller motivated to play on the big stage. What’s your motivation this summer? Pick a player you love and then mirror how he plays.

  • Troy Hoffman

    What kind of head it that and is it factory pink? If so where did he buy that?? Its sick! Same with the shaft, where can you buy pink shafts?

  • Evanderson

    The head is an STX Professor, and the shaft is a Brine Swizzbeat. I assume the head is dyed by Miller, because I do not think they sell them factory dyed pink.

  • tycho

    sooo sick!

  • brahe

    i did hear that stx was giving away two free factory dyed heads a while ago on facbook. since he goes to cuse they might have given him one. idk i might be wrong though.

  • brahe

    i heard a while ago stx was giving away two pink, factory dyed heads on facebook. since he goes to cuse they might have given him another one. idk though

  • Mike Tabb

    What stick? I was staring at his delicious Abs

  • Rob

    I like the Florida State hoodie in the Harrison pic, go Noles

  • so beast!!! bomb diggety man! love the pink. this year to pop out i’m gettin a crappy brine alius and dye it headstrong, because theshaft is headstrong colors. then im gonna string it up with my signature pocket, i call it the ripper (named after the first stick i had ever) its basicly a pita pocket just the middle leathers have coils parallel to the ground. maybe one of you guys can try it out!

  • Rob Madgum dplax24

    iim been rockiin tha pink stick 4 2 years now b/c breast cancer.so this is a very good thing yur r doiing jovan.you ,bartton twins, chazz w. and johnny chrismas R the ppl ii look upp 2.