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Surgeon 500 Gloves


This year STX went all out to make a top end glove without a wallet breaking price. The Surgeon 500 gloves have fit this bill pretty solid. The gloves seem to be a cross between a high end hockey glove in the cuff and the best lacrosse gloves on the market. Check them out this season for $160.

Protection 10 out of 10
Number one factor for gloves and pads will always be protection and the Surgeon 500s dominate in this field. We took hard slashes across every part of this glove with great success and no pain. No worries here.
Thumb 10 out of 10
STX went with an ISO thumb on this glove similar to the Cell 3 but with a thicker set of padding over the joint with your hand. The thumb on these gloves allows you to move like you would without having them on.
Palm/Grip 10 out of 10
It seems like to have a top end glove you have to use AXE Suede and the Surgeon 500s use a special version that makes the glove simulate the grip of a golf glove. Pros cut out their palms but with the Surgeon 500s there’s no reason to. Feel your stick on a whole new level with the Surgeon 500s.
Movement 10 out of 10
You can move your hands well enough to write out your name with these gloves. Throwing seamless fakes into shots just like you do in a shoot around without gear.
Overall 10 out of 10
These gloves are the top end for a reason. With the price tag of $160 they are hard to beat for any level and any position. Check out your local retailer to pick them up for this season.

Surgeon 500 Gloves

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