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Syracuse Pro7s Back Panel and Vent Covers

Posted on March 2, 2010 by

Categories: Cascade, Helmets

Take a closer look at the decals Syracuse is wearing on their Cascade Pro7s this season. The back panels and vent covers aren’t the typical run-of-the-mill designs. The patterns are very similar to the ‘Cuse basketball teams jacquard check weave down the side of their jerseys.

Courtesy Cascade Lacrosse.

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  • Hardshell

    I believe that the Terps and the Tarheels had the basketball themes going on in their jerseys before those frostbitten Orange peels. Prove me wrong.

  • yessir

    who cares hardshell?

  • rico

    Hey Hardshell
    I might be mistaken but isn’t the Orange Hoops and Lax Teams #1 in the country????
    Where is the Tar Heels hoops team oh yeah there rate like #52 in the Country and The Terps Hoops team is maybe #38. Who cares where they got the design from they are SICK.

    Love the new ‘Cuse Panels…. GO ORANGE……………………

  • killa cam

    They are all Nike/STX schools, so it would make sense that they had similar new designs when they come out.

    If the Cuse want to borrow jersey designs from other teams, whatever. Maybe these ACC schools should borrow the model of how to actually win in May from the Cuse

  • Hey Rico

    Terps Bball is currently ranked 23rd, holla…

  • lighthouse

    UMD is definitely not nike. under armour.

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