You may have seen Syracuse wearing throwback uniforms a few times this season. They wore them against Virginia at the beginning of the season and most recently against Cornell. The team is wearing White nylon mesh jerseys and Blue shorts similar to the uniform combination worn by the squad in the early 2000s. SU is also donning throwback helmets. Below are exclusive images of the Cascade CPX-R throwback helmet.

The helmet has a Blue visor and chin as well as featuring the interlocking “SU” logo.

The CPX-R becomes only the second lacrosse helmet in the world to utilize patented Seven Technology liner cushioning elements. Cascade’s exclusive Seven Technology compresses and laterally displaces energy from a direct impact, the result is an improved compression and faster recovery than traditional EPP liners.

The revolutionary SevenTech liner is wrapped in the new R-series shell. More venting, chin lines and counterbalance.

The top vent decals are faded Orange with jacquard weave outlining.

The fit system is the tried and true SPRfit in a high performance HardTail housing, one size fits most.

  • Why the navy logo?

    • Mtylerbrowne

      cuses colors are orange white and that shade of blue, they havent used it in a long time though