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2011 Sonoma State Gloves

The new 2011 Sonoma State K18 gloves are here in blue and white colorways. Keep Reading…

Video of Maryland Men’s Lacrosse First 2011 Practice

Highlights from the first practice of the 2011 season for the University of Maryland Men’s Lacrosse team. Keep Reading…

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Princeton 2011 Custom Home and Away Cleats, Warrior Burn Speed 3.0

Princeton 2011 Custom Home and Away Cleats, Warrior Burn Speed 3.0

Custom Warrior Burn Speed 3.0 cleats for Princeton have dropped. These cleats have been very popular for customization in the past, and it clearly works swimmingly here. The home and away cleats both make use of the classic orange and black colorways with the black cleats using tiger print and the white cleats using argyle. Keep Reading…

Sometimes, Always, Never: Trends for 2011

As 2011 rolls in, I’d like to bequeath upon you my musings on what I believe will be hot, not or in between in 2011. You can find all the hot trends in the “Always” column read more…

The Top Lacrosse Summer Recruiting Camps for 2011

This is the third year that has written a recruiting camp guide. Each year, the date that they publish continues to creep earlier in the year. Players have already started receiving invitations to Jake Reed’s Nike Blue Chip, Maverik’s Showtime Spotlight, and Top 205.

The need for a guide like this has become more and more important as camps have pushed the invitation process ahead because they are all competing for the top players in the country. There is lots of legwork that goes into getting a spot at these camps and showcases.

LaxTweets: NLL Cancels 2011 Season?!

LaxTweets: NLL Cancels 2011 Season?!

It has been rumored that the NLL has canceled its season for 2011. We would like to announce that this is not true. How do we know? NLL representatives weren’t available for questions so we went to the best source available, At LaxTweets we were able to track when it was first alleged that the National Lacrosse League was canceling its season and then finally determine that the rumors were false when NLL Commissioner, George Daniel, stated that the NLL Twitter account had been hacked. Read how the whole story transpired after the jump. Continue…

Under Armour to Introduce Cotton-Hybrid Line in 2011?

According to an analyst that follows the company, Under Armour may launch a new line of hybrid-cotton apparel in 2011. A research report released Monday described the new line of apparel as “coated cotton that wicks moisture from the skin, but still has its cotton feel.” Learn more…