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Midwest Lacrosse Highlights, Hidden Ball Trick

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High school lacrosse action is always good to watch. Yet, high school lacrosse action that includes trickeration and overtime thrillers makes the hair on my knuckles stand straight up. As lacrosse continues to grow in the midwest, we get better-and-better footage. Read More…

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Are the Cavs Big Enough? Size is Determining Factor for Virginia in ACC Tournament

chris bocklet getting powned, virginia lacrosse, carolina lacrosse,, Jim O'Connor

Many are confused as to why the Virginia Cavaliers, while able to win national championships and stomp out seemingly anyone in their path, are unable to win against Duke. How does a team that loses 12 of 13 matchups to an ACC rival manage to win 2 national championships during that time, while the other only wins one? Read More…

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