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Swatch Sports 2012 Summer Watch Collection


In the Summer months you naturally shed layers of clothing to adjust to the heat. The best way to remain relevant in terms of style is to accessorize as much as possible. Selecting a watch is always a good start. Swatch will soon be releasing its new Summer 2012 Sports Collection. The collection, influenced by action sports, features vibrant patterns on the face and band. The tiger stripes are pretty cool.

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LaxTrack Double Feature: Norwegian Recyling & Thunder Busters (click image to go to songs) *MASHUP WEEK*

So to continue mashup week, I bring you two, yes TWO songs. The first one is pretty self-explanatory…it’s another jam from my boy Norwegian Recycling. This song finds a way into heavy iPod rotation every summer Read more…

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Warrior Vice X Neon Colored Lacrosse Head

These neon colored heads are representative of the 80s pop culture and style. I should know, I was born in ’85! That’s 5 solid years of observing, living and kicking butt in the 80s. Read More…

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