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2010 Johns Hopkins K18 Arm Pads and Gloves

2010 Johns Hopkins K18 Arm Pads and Gloves

STX introduces another set of team pads for the 2010 season. You are looking at the new Hopkins gear that you’ll witness on Homewood Field this upcoming season.

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STX Unveils Hofstra 2010 Padding

STX posted the gear for Hofstra as they enter the 2010 season. The Pride will be sporting the K18 line of course which includes the arm guards, arm pads, cell defense arm pads and gloves.


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New Video From Kyle Harrison and STX

Kyle Harrison and STX have released a new video describing the new K18 arm guard and arm pad. Installed with the D30 technology, this line of arm pads and guards are more flexible and durable than the previous K18 line.>>READ MORE


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Brine Lo Pro AP/Vans Half Cab and Old Skool

Looking to coordinate pads with footwear? Take a look at the Brine Lo Pro AP and the newly released Vans Half Cab and Old Skool. >> Read More



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A look at the new K18 Arm Pad

STX has put up some photos of the new K18 arm pad on its Facebook profile. See more photos and find out what Kyle Harrison has to say about them after the jump.

K18 Arm Pad

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