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Lake Placid Summit Lacrosse Tournament: Stu Funk Uniforms

It’s that time of the year again! Lake Placid Summit Lacrosse Tournament is officially 26 years old! Led by Wesley College Hall of Famer, Kevin “Derms” McDermott, the team is a 19 year veteran of Lake Placid. Stu Funk’s uniform is designed by Vinnie Ricasio, founder of The Art of Lax and The Art of Athletes, […]

The Art of Lax Partners With Power-Tek Performance Gear Company


The Art of Lax™ has found its way to hanging on the walls of many private homes and offices, sold at retailers and exhibited in the United States and abroad. Just recently, The Art of Lax™ has exclusively partnered with The Power-Tek Performance Gear Company as the official maker of The Art of Lax™ apparel. Read More…

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Art of Lax x Up-Field 2

The Art of Lax tweeted a new piece: “UP-FIELD 2”. This one’s for the poles. Pen & Ink, 4 hrs, 8×12 inches.

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Winning The X by Vincent Ricasio

Vincent Ricasio’s latest piece of art is “Winning The X”. This pen & ink drawing on heavy paper is inspired by Boston Cannons face off man, Chris Eck. By the looks of the drawing it appears Eck is using a Warrior Blade. This piece and may others are available online at

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Art of Lax: New Site

The Art of Lax™ is a lacrosse-themed graphic studio launched in Dec. 2008. It’s for the player, coach, parent and lacrosse enthusiast in us. The new site showcases artwork, apparel and accessories from artist Vinnie Ricasio.>>READ MORE


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Art of Lax Drawings Now Wearable

The lacrosse artwork by the Art of Lax™ that was launched to the lacrosse public in 2009 by Vincent Ricasio, has now been turned into t-shirts for 2010. >>READ MORE


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