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Lacrosse Superheroes Grace New York City Posters

jim fenzel usa lacrosse poster-feature

When Jim Fenzel was a kid, he and his brother created their own collage posters with photos cut out of Lacrosse Magazine. Del Dressel, Brad Kotz, Tim Nelson were some of the guys glued to poster board on the walls of their base of lacrosse operations, their garage. In the spirit of kids who love the game, Fenzel wanted to create a lacrosse/superhero/New York City themed poster. Read More…

TheArtofLax x SWIM DODGE

The Art of Lax’s latest piece of art is appropriately called the “SWIM DODGE.” Keep Reading…

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The Art of Lax’s New Piece

Here is a new piece that The Art of Lax has been working on called “Doing the Work.” Goalies, especially, hold a little place in The Art of Lax’s heart.

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The Art of Lax: Crank Tee, The Creators Painting

The Art of Lax founder, Vincent Ricasio, sent us a few goodies; a Crank t-shirt and an unreal painting, “The Creators”.

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NIKE78 x W+K Tokyo “ABUKU” Video

The Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo LAB took a Nike Air Max 360 and turned it into, for lack of better words, an aquarium. It’s an interpretation of how different environments interact with humans. VIDEO AND DESCRIPTION AFTER THE JUMP…

Winning The X by Vincent Ricasio

Vincent Ricasio’s latest piece of art is “Winning The X”. This pen & ink drawing on heavy paper is inspired by Boston Cannons face off man, Chris Eck. By the looks of the drawing it appears Eck is using a Warrior Blade. This piece and may others are available online at

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Former laxer's Fortune5Fifty is Baltimore's cultural destination

Founded by a former college lacrosse journeyman, Austin Widdowson, keeps Charm City residents up to date on the art, style, music, and party scene. F5F has plans to produce and host a handful of unique events, teaming up local charity organizations with talented artists and musicians. Networking in and around the culture and community they love to put the Charm back in Charm City.

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Art of Lax: New Site

The Art of Lax™ is a lacrosse-themed graphic studio launched in Dec. 2008. It’s for the player, coach, parent and lacrosse enthusiast in us. The new site showcases artwork, apparel and accessories from artist Vinnie Ricasio.>>READ MORE


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Lax B.R.O. Hat

Patrick Reid O’Brien of Obrien Art Design, who is traditionally known for vibrant artwork and accessories geared towards lacrosse, has released a new flex fit hat for lacrosse players. >>READ MORE


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Art of Lax Drawings Now Wearable

The lacrosse artwork by the Art of Lax™ that was launched to the lacrosse public in 2009 by Vincent Ricasio, has now been turned into t-shirts for 2010. >>READ MORE


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