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Bros Prank Friend By Replacing Tap Water With Beer

beer plumbing prank

A few New Zealand bros pulled off a prank for the ages on their good friend, Russ. The bros rigged kegs of beer into every tap in the house, with loads of cameras to catch the action. As you can imagine, it took them all day to set up, but it was clearly worth it in the end. Read More…

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Dogfish Head Randall Jr.


The Randall Jr. gadget can turn any run-of-the-mill beer into a refreshing and highly original beverage. The Randall Jr. allows you to infuse your favorite brew with just about whatever ingredients you can think up. Just place the ingredients in the Randall Jr. and pour the beer right over them. Place in a cold climate such as the fridge for 10 minutes or so and you’ve got an amazing concoction on your hands.

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Scorzie, Keep Score While You Drink


Preface. You’re tailgating with your boys and all you need is a sober-minded person to keep score of your cornhole game. If you’re just shy of an hour til kickoff then you’re not going to find that guy. That’s when you need the Scorzie. The Scorzie is a koozie with score tabs on it. Brilliant, we know. Read More…

Posted in: Equipment/Gear, Gadgets The 25 Greatest Things About Going to College in the North

On Tuesday, ran a Top 25 list of great things about going to college in the North. Their quirky intern (see video) listed lacrosse as the number 2 reason. The intern is hilarious. We behest you to read all of the list. More…

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