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Re-Release of The Laxer

Prequel to Bert the Broker: In this 60 Minutes segment, we see how Bert Breakfast spent his time as a Hoya before his transfer to Hofstra. Keep Reading…

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Video: What Happens When You Break the Fart Barrier in Your Relationship

Bert the Broker is back in another video from Bernie Hatefield Productions. This time he’s struggling with his girlfriend cutting the cheese. Keep Reading…

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Bert The Broker: Summer Share (Video)

Bert The Broker: Summer Share (Video)

In February LPG introduced you to Bert The Broker, star laxer-turned Wall St broker. Bert is played by a former Georgetown laxer. In the latest video we catch up with Bert Breakfast at his summer share. Written/Performed: Bert Breakfast, Written/Directed Bryan Severance. View Video…

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