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University of Michigan Men's Lacrosse Video Blog: Unreal

This video blog by Michigan’s Pat Stansik includes a few days in the life of the Michigan Lacrosse team, the team’s date party, Austin Swaney cradling a bat to safety, the final night of the three-on-three tournament, the East/West scrimmage to cap off fall ball, and a night of standup comedy in the Michigan Union. Keep Reading…

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University of Michigan Men’s Lacrosse Video Blog: Burritos, Benching & Breakfast

Here is a glimpse into the life of the Michigan Lacrosse team, including a Thursday night practice, a highly competitive burrito eating contest, and a Sunday morning lift followed by a trip to Mark’s Midtown Coney Island to try out the #21 Skillet, a dish named after midfielder and breakfast combination connoisseur Stephen Levitt.

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Jovan Miller, Overcoming Obstacles

This is my 2nd blog for Lacrosse Playground and once again just wanted to say thank you guys for the opportunity. I wanted to give a serious perspective on some things that are going on in my life that can probably help someone else. READ MORE…

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Introducing Jovan Miller

Jovan Miller from Syracuse University has become a blogger for LPG. In this blog Jovan talks about everything that comes with being a lacrosse player and a student at one of the most renown programs in history. Find out what it takes in his own words. KEEP READING…

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