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Boston Blazers — Behind the Scenes

Joe Lax-School snapped some great photos from the Boston Blazers training camp. We get a great look at Reebok shafts, Reebok Box Rib Pads and Reebok Zig Slash shoes. View More…

Boston Blazers Training Camp

Lax School heads behind the scenes of training camp with the Boston Blazers of the National Lacrosse League. Their season starts this month…the games are at the Boston Garden. Check out for ticket info and more.

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Boston Blazers Reebok 10k NLL Gloves

Boston Blazers Reebok 10k NLL Gloves

These are the new Reebok 10k NLL gloves the Boston Blazers will be wearing this season. The gloves display a Red colorway with the Blazers logo embellished on the cuff. Keep Reading…

The Lax School Presents 'He Never Shuts Up'

The Lax School creates whacky videos every now and again about the latest chatter in the lacrosse viral world. Usually, they highlight funny topics surrounding the Boston Cannons and Blazers. This week’s vid features an LPG cameo at the 1:40 mark.

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Boston Blazers Dance Team Proves Lacrosse is Sexy

The Official Dance Team of the Boston Blazers prepare for the upcoming season. Buy tickets here.

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Video: Boston Blazers 2011 Ticket Video

The Boston Blazers’ Opening Night is Jan 15, 2011 vs. Edmonton Rush at TD Garden! Don’t have season tickets yet? Maybe this reel will convince you.

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NLL Boston Blazers 2011 Season Preview

Join the party this upcoming season with the Boston Blazers as they look to have another action-packed season. Enjoy the video while listening to Wolfmother in the background.

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Boston Blazers Mesh Shorts

Wear what the pros wear with these player shorts complete with pockets and an embroidered Blazers logo. Keep Reading…

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Boston Blazers star, Sean Morris, Goes on a Blind Date

Boston Blazer player, Sean Morris, went on a blind date this weekend looking for love. Morris participated in a regular column for the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine. They just so happened to be playing cupid for a pro lacrosse player. Did Sean find love? Keep Reading…

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Black Out Cancer With the Boston Blazers

The Boston Blazers will host their Black Out Cancer Night for their April 3rd game and have set a goal of $5000 to donate to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, MA.Continue…

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