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Lax Bro Subculture Hurting or Helping the Growth of Lacrosse?

lax bro, lacrosse lifestyle, lacrosse playground, Andrew Fielding

Jennifer McKim, a staff writer for The Boston Globe, wrote an article that many might view as an uneducated and skewed outlook of lacrosse. “Scoring Style Points” illustrates a life of leisure for most lacrosse players. McKim highlights the costs associated with the sport, but misses the mark tremendously by not clarifying how many enthusiasts actually despise the crippling subculture. Read More…

Boston Blazers star, Sean Morris, Goes on a Blind Date

Boston Blazer player, Sean Morris, went on a blind date this weekend looking for love. Morris participated in a regular column for the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine. They just so happened to be playing cupid for a pro lacrosse player. Did Sean find love? Keep Reading…

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