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BROpener Turns ANYTHING Into A Bottle Opener


Two bros from San Francisco, Matt and Aaron, a new project that just launched on Kickstarter called the BROpener. The BROpener is a lot of things, but like the name suggests, it’s mostly a bottle opener for BROs on the go. Read More…

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Brewsees Eyewear


Sunglasses and beer bottle opener all in one! The founder came up with the idea about 5 years ago while actually in college and it took a lot of trial and error and determination to bring the product to market. Read More…

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Opena: World’s First iPhone4 Case W/ Slide Out Bottle Opener

iphone bottle opener case

The Opena is the world’s first iPhone 4 case with a slide out bottle opener. Two pals, Rob Ward and Chris Peters, wanted to combine their powers and design a solution to everyday problems. The one thing they always have on them are their phones. The one thing they always seem to be looking for is a bottle opener. So they built their own. Read More…

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