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Loyola Brine King IV Gloves 2013


Probably the best color scheme we have seen thus far, the Loyola Brine King IVs are elegant and tasteful. The team, 2012 NCAA Champions, continues to embrace the color, Grey. Grey is the main color component while White and Green compliment it. The attention to detail on the embellished logo is also something to pay close attention to.

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2013 Brine King IV Arm Guard

2013 Brine King IV Arm Guard

The Brine King IV Arm Guard has a four-piece construction with anatomically-positioned padding for fit, flexibility, and protection. Its contour mesh sleeve helps shape the guard to the arm for a form fit, which prevents slippage. Additionally, the two-piece ventilator liner padding in the sleeve and ABS hard caps produce increased layers of protection against hard stick checks. Read More…

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Brine King IV Glove Now Available


The ultimate experience in fit, protection and performance is back in the all new Brine King IV glove. New “Skylight” fingers are a new lightweight protective technology that features ABS caps on each finger break giving max protection against hard stick checks. Read More…

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Brine King IV Gloves, King of the Playground


The Brine King IV is one glove to rule them all. The reigning champion of the most demanding players, the King IV continues the bloodline as the best seller for a fourth year in a row. Read More…

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