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Choose Bro Lax War At The Shore Gear

choose bro pinnie

The Choose Bro Lax team means business. We respect their hustle and more importantly like their gear. Their uniforms are made by ProAthletics and display a Blue/White colorway. Bro insignia present throughout over a stripe pattern. Read More…

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Lax Bros in Training

lax bros in training

The Lax Bro craze will not cease and I dig it. You’re a hater if you don’t like the way people express themselves. The MCMLaxBros are a prime example of Brodom. In the video I’ve kindly included, two Bros take their training to a new level by attempting to act like the big boys by doing a hybrid version of a bat race. Read More…

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Duck, Duck, Goose It

unce duck tape

What’s up my lax peoples? Are you a handy dude? Because I’m a pretty handy dude. In fact, I’m so handy that I use duct (duck?) tape on a daily basis. From taping over the holes that lax balls have made in my walls to putting together some wicked wizard sticks, I’m the Sultan of sticky… Read More…

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BRO’s PINNIE GIVEAWAY EXTRAVAGANZA *QWOP–hardest. flash game. ever*

The contest is on our fan page– In order to unlock the contest, we need someone to post up (on our facebook page in the contest post) a screenshot of them getting to 10 meters in QWOP read more…

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LaxTrack: Matisse – Better Than Her feat. AKON *Bonus Content*

What up? Do you think you’re better than her? Well, that’s what I thought. Now I don’t have a girlfriend anymore

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Sometimes, Always, Never: Trends for 2011

As 2011 rolls in, I’d like to bequeath upon you my musings on what I believe will be hot, not or in between in 2011. You can find all the hot trends in the “Always” column read more…

Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 Composite

I’d like to bring this watch to the attention of our readers. I want this watch. Panerai has a long history, including being the official watch issued to sailors in the Italian Navy for quite some time. This Panerai is the Luminor Marina 1950 with read more…

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2011 LaxTrack #1: D-Why – Animal Remix

The guys at LPG gave me the pleasure of kicking off the new year with a Lax Track. As such, I bring to you today, the first day of 2011, a song by an artist named D-Why. He’s pretty legit. In this example, he remixes “Animal” by Miike Snow, and read more…

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LaxTrack: Hoodie Allen – January Jones

You’re so damn beautiful, my January Jones. I love this song; It’s got the rolling lyrics of a Chiddy Bang song but also has a nice, vocal hook. Yeah. Read more…

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LaxTrack: Voodoo Farm – Rolling In The Deep + Bonus Surprise Track (click through to see) *MASH-UP WEEK*

We’ve had such an exciting week. First I introduced you to the Miracles of Norwegian Recycling. Then we cranked it up a notch by examining the social phenomenon that is the Dougie. Read more…

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