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2012 All-Wisconsin Showcase Presented by Bros Lacrosse


Bros Lacrosse is proud to announce the 2012 All-Wisconsin Showcase, which will feature the state’s top players from the 2012 season, in a head-to-head battle. This year’s showcase will feature 3 divisions, 7/8th grade boy’s, high school girl’s, and high school boy’s. The event will be held June 15th at Otto Breitenbach Stadium in Middleton, WI. Read More…

Bros Lacrosse Announces National Elite Teams

4/20/12 – Bros Lacrosse is proud to announce the addition of our National Elite travel programs (U19, U17, and Men’s) for the summer of 2012. Our U17 program is focused on preparing players for lacrosse at the college level and gain exposure at some of the biggest tournaments in the country. Players will have the opportunity to work with top coaches in the mid-west from the HS, and college level. It all starts with our overnight Training Camp, held June 17-21 in Milwaukee, WI. During camp, players will participate in high level drills, scrimmages, clinics from current NCAA players and coaches, and more, which will prepare players for our summer tour. Read More…

LaxTrack: Meechie Nelson ft Kaitlyn Ison – Drink The Pain Away


Our boy, Meechie, sent us his official music video for his new single, “Drink The Pain Away.” The song features a newcomer in Kaitlyn Ison who provides a catchy hook to the beat. Meechie’s wardrobe encompasses quite the lax bro get-up including sunglasses and tees from Bros Lacrosse. Read More…

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Here’s Another Preview from the Bros Lacrosse Calendar

bros lacrosse

As you may know, Bros Lacrosse is releasing a 2012 calendar full of girls rocking BL gear and holding lax sticks. We’ve received a big shipment of the calendars to give away as a token of our appreciation for you all. Not to mention, something to look forward to in the New Year. Here’s a glimpse of Miss January. Read More…

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Bros Lacrosse 2012 Calendar Trailer (Video)


Check out the latest trailer for the 2012 Bros Lacrosse Calendar that will be released 11.11.11. We’ve posted a few teasers along the way and we can’t wait to have the actual calendar on our wall. Read More…

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2012 Bros Lacrosse Calendar Teaser (Video)


Bros Lacrosse released a new video teaser for their highly anticipated calendar. The calendar that features scantily clad ladies is set to drop November 4th. The babes are dressed in BL apparel and bikinis. Read More…

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Bros Lacrosse Calendar: Photo Release Number 2


Bros Lacrosse has created a Lacrosse calendar for the Bros. The release date is set for 11.4.11., but we’re privy to a few photos from the calendar. We didn’t want to hog them all, so here is another one for our readers. Read More…

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LaxTrack: Aer – Wonderin’ Why

fresh aer movement

Carter Schultz (vocals) and David Von Mering (production & hooks) have consistently been putting out great music for over a year now. Their first two mixtapes Water on The Moon and The Reach were both wildly successful and incredibly professional. Read More…

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Bros Lacrosse Releases New Pinnie: Black + Yellow

Screen shot 2011-10-04 at 1.47.07 PM

Bros Lacrosse, a lifestyle apparel company developing some of the most bro apparel on the market, recently released a new pinnie to their line of products, adding black and yellow to the mix. Read More…

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2012 Bros Lacrosse Calendar: Photo + Release Date

bros lacrosse calendar

Bros Lacrosse is doing something no other company in the market has done before, a lacrosse calendar featuring what all bros love, sexy women. The 2012 Bros Lacrosse calendar will be added to BL’s line of products on November 4th, 2011. Read More…

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