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Bros Prank Friend By Replacing Tap Water With Beer

beer plumbing prank

A few New Zealand bros pulled off a prank for the ages on their good friend, Russ. The bros rigged kegs of beer into every tap in the house, with loads of cameras to catch the action. As you can imagine, it took them all day to set up, but it was clearly worth it in the end. Read More…

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Bros vs. Hipsters

pat stansik

At times, we are often challenged with tough calls to make as to who makes up our world, town, and even household.  However, this video is much more simple than that…or is it?  Can you tell whether he is a bro or a hipster?  Read More…

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Brostitute with Tim Roth

This documentary takes a closer look at the seedy world of brostitution and brostitutes. This film digs deeper than any other film has when it comes to this secret world of bro-on-bro non-sexual love for profit. MORE…

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We first introduced you to BrosLacrosse when we highlighted their Yeardley Love gear. And now, has announced a design contest. MORE…

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