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Do Girls Need Lacrosse Helmets?


Dr. Joseph Crisco, the Henry F. Lippitt Professor of Orthopaedics, recently invited female lacrosse players ranging in age from 12 to 28 into his Rhode Island Hospital lab to swing their sticks for a project titled “Head Accelerations from Various Stick Checks in Girls’ Lacrosse.” Read More…

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Brown University To Conduct First Helmet Study For Women’s Lacrosse


In March, we wrote a story on the Bullis girls lacrosse team wearing helmets. Head Coach, Kathleen Lloyd, made it mandatory for every girl on the team to wear helmets after nine players received concussions the previous season. The Bullis Bulldogs wore custom rugby helmets. Today, Newsday revealed Brown University will be conducting the first helmet study for girls lacrosse. Read More…

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Lecture, Exhibition Game Highlight Iroquois National Lacrosse Team Coming To Brown

Providence, Rhode Island – Brown University is pleased to host Oren Lyons, National Lacrosse Hall of Fame player, Onondaga Turtle Clan Faithkeeper, and University of Buffalo faculty member to speak about the cultural and spiritual role of lacrosse, “the little brother of war,” as a way of maintaining international tribal relations, and in contemporary times the role this game has played in the debates around tribal communities as sovereign nations within the borders of the US and Canada. Read More…

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Brown University: Apparel and Outerwear Now Available for Purchase

New apparel and outerwear available for purchase for Bruno fans at Boathouse and Atlantic Sportswear. Some of the items include Polar fleece beanie caps, Gore-Tex pants, Equinox vests, Micropique polos and more.

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