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Rutgers Lacrosse Helmet > Rutgers Football Helmet?


Scarlet is said to be Rutgers University’s primary color, however, Black, Gray, and White are used in conjunction for flavoring. Well, Rutgers’ premiere sports teams on campus have swayed in favor of Gray for their helmets this year. Read More…

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Team Thailand Uniform x Cascade Pro 7 x HEADstrong

Yesterday, you saw the bracelets Team Thailand will be wearing in support of Headstrong. Today, you are looking at the Thailand uniform, Cascade Pro 7 helmet as well as HEADstrong laces that they will wear in their cleats. The decal on the helmet is aesthetically pleasing giving the helmet an even classier look.

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Global Starz Gear

The Global Starz teams are set with top of the line gear for summer. They will be repping Cascade Pro 7 helmets and STX K18 gloves to name a few.

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Team Italy Cascade Pro 7 Helmet

Team Italy will be wearing Cascade Pro 7 helmets at the World Championships this summer. The helmet features a Blue visor and chin along with the Italian insignia on the side profile.

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First look: Cascade colored face masks from the U.S. Lacrosse convention

First look: Cascade colored face masks from the U.S. Lacrosse convention

We got a look at a few prototypes of metallic and colored Cascade face masks at the U.S. Lacrosse convention in Baltimore this weekend.

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LXM Pro: Clear Pro 7 Helmets

Yesterday California experienced LXM Pro, the West Coast lacrosse event that mixed lacrosse, music, and Hollywood. Check out the Cascade Pro 7 helmets worn at the event. >>READ MORE


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Last Day to Bid For Winfield Auction

Today is the last day to bid for autographed items provided from the likes of Anthony Kelly, STX, Hofstra, Navy, Syracuse and many more. The proceeds from the Winfield auction, which is open to everyone everywhere, will help support the fight against Leukemia.>>READ MORE

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Winfield Auction for Leukemia

The Winfield youth football and cheer program in Maryland are raising awareness for Leukemia by running a silent auction in support of Cameron Lawver and his family. Some of those showing support are MLL All-Star Anthony Kelly and STX. One of the items being Anthony “A Train” Kelly autographed custom Ohio State G22 gloves and an autographed poster. >>READ MORE

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