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Marble Checkerboard Pattern Dye Job

checkerboard dye-5

For this head I wanted something a little more flashy that would grab some attention on the field. So, I decided on an full head checkerboard with large squares and some marbling on top. First, I covered the head in large squares doing my best to make the pattern fit. Read More…

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Mater Dei Team Order (Sports Extra) Dye Jobs

Sports Extra drop shipped me ten STX Super Power heads requesting the checkerboard pattern with Mater Dei Griffins on them. Mater Dei is a middle school in Bethesda, MD. This is potentially the first group of school team custom dyed heads that will be carried by…

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Warrior TII Helmet for Salt Shakerz Lacrosse

Another team heading down to Miami for the Bump n Grind is the Salt Shakerz Lacrosse Club. A FEW of the Shakerz will sporting the Warrior TII Helmet. They chose to go with their staple color, Pink, and checkerboard decals. Keep Reading…

Fit2Win Hopkins Lax Shorts

Last week we gave you a Sneak Peek of new apparel from Fit2Win. Today, we give you a better view.

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Tennessee Alumni Uniforms

Tennessee Alumni wore uniforms from Zebra Apparel on Friday against the current players. The uni’s feature the iconic checkerboard pattern in Orange and White.

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