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Photos: Syracuse University Lacrosse Practice


The Syracuse men’s lacrosse team began Spring practice for the 2012 season on Thursday. The team held its annual Media Day in the Manley Field House arena from 2-3 p.m. The team practiced once in the morning and once in the afternoon. We caught the second lax prax and captured a few images of their gear. Read More…

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Justin Smith’s Custom Code Blue Chrome heads

Screen shot 2011-08-05 at 12.49.25 PM

Code Blue athlete Justin Smith shared his custom chrome dyed heads with us. The heads are faded from blue to chrome and contain Code Blue graphics on the lip and sides. Read More…

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Dyed Chrome Gym Tan Lax Head Available for Purchase

chrome lacrosse head

Last GTLax chrome dyed head available Evo X Red and Green $100. For more information regarding the purchase of a dyed chrome head please email [email protected] or tweet me @49KingDyes.

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Chrome GYM TAN LAX Heads, Part 1

I came up with this concept when I first became aware of the GYM TAN LAX gear at the 2011 Final Four game through a mutual friend from the Florida region. My original intention was to simply dye a bunch of white sticks with the logo on the stick and then I was able to get my hands on some heads. Read More…

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Chrome Throat Guards Are Now Available To The Public

chrome throat guards

Chrome has made its way in to our hearts from cleats, heads, helmets and now throat guards. Last year Denver Outlaw goalie, Jesse Schwartzman, wore a chromed out throat guard. Now they are available to the public. Learn more HERE.

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Angry Birds Invade the Web Browser

Mashable broke the story yesterday about the huber popular videogame Angry Birds being released on the Google Chrome Browser. If you’re like me, then you didn’t know what Angry Birds was until a week ago. However, it’s exhaustingly amazeballs. I play it when I wake up, when I eat, when I sit on my thrown, and as I lay in bed at night. Keep Reading…

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Sad Turtle Chrome Dye Job

Sad Turtle Chrome Dye Job

In the Maryland Terps’ fan base there have been rumblings of the turtle shell print being used more in the unis (inserts, football helmet, @TizzleSTX has gotta pull something for the gloves and pads). Under Armour stepped it up and added it to this year’s men’s basketball uni.

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Matt Danowski Dyed Chrome Head by Lacrosse Unlimited

Matt Danowski stopped by Lacrosse Unlimited and was welcomed with a Warrior Chrome-to-Green Fade Evo 2.0. Keep Reading…

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Cascade Lacrosse Helmets Receive Chrome in Their Stockings

The Mueller Corporation leaked a new development in the chrome game. They put the finishing touches on a few Cascade chins. We found out about the chrome progression here.

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Fan Shout-Out: BROCHO8 *Free SWAG*

We like to show gratitude to our fans. You don’t have to come to LPG, but you do. You guys are our lifeblood, and we love you for that. We’d like to take this opportunity to give an official LPG Shout-Out to Brett Mangan. Read more…

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