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Unequal EXO Skeleton™ Takes On Lacrosse

unequal technologies exo skeleton padding lacrosse

LAS’s Conner Wilson recently did an impressive post about a technology company who just dove into the world of lacrosse. The company is Unequal Technology. Unequal Technology is a provider of sports impact-absorbing, sporting equipment which is experimenting with its EXO Skeleton padding technology in lacrosse. Read More…

Italia Dye Job

Connor Wilson from LAS dyes up some Italian themed Gait heads for players on Team Italy.

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Connor Wilson Must Dye: UNC Edition

Connor Wilson uploads his latest piece of work: UNC dye job. Connor dyed the Carolina inspired heads (2 STX 2010 Proton Power heads) for current players Gavin Petracca and Sean DeLaney.

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