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Valet Mag | “Anatomy of a Classic”

Gillette has sponsored segments on ValetMag.com about icons that are as stylish today as when they were first produced. Those icons include the Trenchcoat, the Rolex, and the recent Converse All Star. Valet Mag hones in the brand’s early faults and successes and why they’re so darn popular still after the course of a century. Keep Reading…

Converse All Star Woolrich Holiday 2010

Over the last couple of seasons we have seen quite a few collaborations between Converse and Woolrich. This week two more have released. The iconic Converse All Star silhouette gets the wool treatment from the heritage manufacturer and is offered in two wool plaid options for Holiday 2010. Both sneakers are now available from Converse retailers.

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Karim Wazani x Converse Star Player EVO

KarmaloopTV seeks out Karim Wazani, Global Senior Manager for Converse Basketball, to take you through the technology and design behind the groundbreaking Converse Star Player EVO. MORE DEETS AFTER THE CLICK…