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SOSO 55: Bagels from Long Island & a sick Warrior Revo 3 with 7 box traditional

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 4.09.15 PM

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Custom Team USA Lacrosse Sticks by Stylin Strings & deBeer Lacrosse

Stylin Strings-deBeer Lacrosse

DeBeer is the official sponsor of the US Women’s Lacrosse team. With the help of Stylin’ Strings, deBeer has been able to outfit the team with custom dyed heads and stringing. Watch the video to get a glimpse of the finished product. Read More…

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Women’s Lacrosse Contest, ‘WE ARE DEBEER’

kelly-berger-WE ARE DEBEER

DeBeer Lacrosse is proud to announce a video contest. The contest is up and running, but concludes Thursday, November 15, 11:59 pm (Central Time). The rules are simple! Create a 1-2 minute video that encompasses the theme, “We Are deBeer.” Post it to the deBeer Facebook page and send a link to the video to [email protected] The video with the most ‘likes’ wins. Read More…

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Virginia Men’s Lacrosse Coach Dom Starsia is Set to Make $250,000 Annually

virginia men's lacrosse dom starsia

Virginia’s Dom Starsia will make $250,000 in annual compensation thanks to a new five-year contract he surreptitiously signed in January. That is a 64.8 percent raise from the guaranteed allotment he received from his previous contract. He stands to make additional money from team sponsors deBeer Lacrosse and Nike. Read More…

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deBeer Rapture Ready To Make Waves In The Women’s Game

deBeer Rapture Ready To Make Waves In The Women’s Game

deBeer is getting ready to release their new Rapture complete stick and strung head this Fall. We were lucky enough to get ahold of one and string it up with the Gripper Pro pocket. As you may be able to see some dirt we obviously had to hit the field for a test.

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deBeer Fierce Womens Complete Stick

Elise from deBeer shows LPG the company’s latest women’s lacrosse head. The Fierce features the patented Gripper Pro pocket for improved ball control and enhanced pocket shape. Lower sidewall allows for increased pocket depth. Elise describes the new product in more detail after the jump.

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deBeer Women’s Air Flow handle

One of the most recognizable models of the deBeer women’s handle line is the Air Flow. Now in it’s third season deBeer brings this handle to the market in their tried and true team colors. It is important to note that all the deBeer handles for 2011 will be straight as deBeer has done away with their 8 degree transfer offset system. This should allow deBeer to sell more handle and head combinations across all brands when before you were only able to use deBeer heads with their handles or perhaps STX 10 degree handles or heads.

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