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LaxTrack: Doug Bogan- Raining California Girls

doug bogan music

Our great friends at DML lent their talents today and introduced us to Bucknell Mashup artist Doug Bogan. Bogan just unleashed a track and this one is hot. Here’s what DML had to say about “Raining California Girls.” Read More…

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LaxTrack: Destined For Greatness – AngelDust EP


DirtyMexicanLemonade.com has been with Destined For Greatness from the get. This is Destined for Greatness’latest project sponsored by DML. The EP has something for everyone, with INSANE samples from Avicci’s, Ellie Goulding, Tiesto, and much more. Keep up with the duo from Washington University in St. Louis and get your hands up! Read More…

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LaxTrack: Dirty Mexican Lemonade’s Humpday Banger


DirtyMexicanLemonade.com has been laying out the red carpet for Dubstep lately. We absolutely think Dubstep should go back under the rock it came from, BUT this is a humpday bangerrrrr playlist and our heads haven’t stopped bobbin’ and weavin’. Read More…

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LaxTrack: Tiesto – Club Life: Vol. 1 Las Vegas

DirtyMexicanLemonade.com has found new hits per usual! Tiesto has dropped the first epic compilation in a series of albums he will be releasing. Keep Reading…

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Party 48 Hours Straight Playlist

Party 48 Hours Straight Playlist

LPG and DML partnered up to bring you a HOT mix. We definitely don’t take great umbrage with this mix because it’s awesome. Celebrate this movement! Listen…

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LaxTrack: Pandamonium-New White Panda Album

This LaxTrack is provided by DML.com. This 40 track album takes all your favorite tracks from the Pandas in 2010 and puts them into one continuous 50 minutes album that features tons of new material. Listen…

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DML Presents LaxPlayground's PumpUp Mix Playlist

We’ve got a PumpUp mix for all the laxers out there. This is brought to you by DML. We are bringing you the best mixed, mashed, shaken and stirred music on the web. Enjoy! Listen…

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