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LaxTrack: Drake Feat. Rihanna – Take Care (Official Video)

take care music video, rihanna

The Yoanne Lemoine directed video for Drake’s Take Care leaves nothing to be desired. It encompasses the highs and lows of an emotional relationship in its visuals. One might think that the video paints a picture of a love triangle including Chris Brown. Read More…

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LaxTrack: Florence + the Machine covers Drake & Rihanna (Video)

florence + the machine take care

Watch Florence + the Machine perform an amazing cover of Drake’s Take Care at BBC Radio One’s Maida Vale Studios for the station’s latest Live Lounge Session. Florence Welch of the group has stated numerous times that she’s been dying to work with Drake. Read More…

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LaxTrack: k-os – The Anchorman Mixtape

K-Os – The Anchorman Mixtape – 07 Holy Cow by Some Kind of Awesome

Each song starts off with some of the best quotes from the movie and leads straight into the song, and anyone that is familiar with k-os knows that they will be some real hip-hop. One thing that I find real appealing about k-os is how he switches from some very nice vocals as he sings hooks, to a very quick and smooth flow that he puts to use on every verse. You will see this on one of my favorite tracks, ‘Holy Cow’. Listen To More…

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Drake & Lil Wayne Use Lacrosse Lingo in New Hit, Miss Me

Hold up, Drake and Lil Wayne know lacrosse lingo? Drake’s, Miss Me, feat. Lil Wayne is the official jumpoff right now because Weezy says a fresh line about lacrosse. If you’re in the club, you better watch your girl when Weezy comes through. Below, you’ll find some of the chatter about the song amongst laxers. CLICK THROUGH TO HEAR THE SONG AND MORE PLAYER RESPONSES…

Bout to scoop your girl up like a groundballless than a minute ago via web

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LXM Pro Tour's Samuel Adams

Being on the left coast, the LXM Pro Tour will introduce a great deal of newcomers to the sport, culture, and lifestyle. One of the added musical acts to the LXM is Samuel Adams. A former soccer player at Trinity College, Sam Adams is a lyrical mastermind. >>READ MORE


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