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Rit Dye…The Original


These days manufacturers are customizing and dyeing heads in ways people could have never imagined back in the day. These mass produced heads are located all over the globe in just about every retail store. It is important to remember the pioneers of dyeing and the individuality and hard work it takes to dye your own head. Read More…

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Some Dye Eggs, We Dye Heads


For this issue of Stylin’ Strings Lax Customs we wanted to capture the Easter holiday in an article. We had a unique project in the dye lab for Great Falls Lacrosse Club in Virginia. The project was for the girls programs from U-9 to U-15. They wanted some custom dyed heads to spruce up the goalie position. Read More…

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Wood Replica Dyes by Stylin’ Strings

lacrosse playground dye

The Stylin’ Strings crew are always on their game and this dye job is no different. SS dyed a Gait Torque to look like it’s made out of wood. Read More…

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Goals For Good Checkerboard Pattern Dye

I was recently invited to play in the Goals for Good game again this year to help raise money for the Alzhiemer’s Association. So this year to help out as much as I could I decided to dye two Maverik Bull heads and have them auctioned off to raise money for the cause.

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Mater Dei Team Order (Sports Extra) Dye Jobs

Sports Extra drop shipped me ten STX Super Power heads requesting the checkerboard pattern with Mater Dei Griffins on them. Mater Dei is a middle school in Bethesda, MD. This is potentially the first group of school team custom dyed heads that will be carried by…

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Camo Dye Jobs w/ Hot Glue

Camo Dye Jobs w/ Hot Glue

All these were the same kinda of dye just wanted to give them a different color to appeal to a wide range. I used Super Powers for all four and simply changed the color. Neon Green, Yellow, Red, and Royal Blue. Each process was the same hot glued the White Super Power.

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A Closer Look at the Marble Dye Job

Per request of many, here is the how-to of the marble dye job from a previous post about Stevenson’s Steve Kazimer’s spoon. Steve’s brother, KAZ, works as a dye specialist at Lacrosse Unlimited and has hooked LPG up with the tips.

Stevenson's Steve Kazimer, Dye Job

Steve Kazimer has been one of the many stars for Stevenson this year. He had three apples in yesterday’s overtime victory over Roanoke to advance to the D-3 semi-finals. Here’s his stick with soft mesh and a grey marble finish. MORE…

Max McCool: STX Revolver dye job

Max McCool: STX Revolver dye job

This month Lacrosse Playground’s resident head dyeing guru takes on the STX Revolver head. Max McCool does a revolver pattern on the new STX head.

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Camouflage Dye Job from Max McCool

Max McCool is Lacrosse Playground’s resident stick stringing and head dyeing expert. This week he shows off a recent black and grey camouflage dye job. Max provided Lacrosse Playground readers with step-by-step instructions so you can do it at home.

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