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US Lacrosse Signs Easton as Sponsor for US Lacrosse Northeast and West Championships

BALTIMORE, May 6, 2013 — US Lacrosse today announced Easton-Bell Sports, Inc., as a manufacturer sponsor of the 2013 US Lacrosse Northeast and West Championships, powered by Lacrosse Unlimited. The sponsorship provides Easton, a designer and developer of sports equipment and accessories, on-site activation opportunities for its lacrosse line and space in the vendor village at the youth lacrosse tournaments administered by thesport’s national governing body in Amherst, Mass., June 21-23 and in San Jose, Calif., June 28-30. Read More…

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The Easton Stealth Core Glove

The Easton Stealth Core Glove

Easton made its way into the lacrosse industry with top of the line equipment and research. The same holds true in the new Stealth Core glove. Impact-absorbing EVA foam protection is placed in the most critical regions of the Easton Core Glove. Read More…

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Easton’s New Commercial — Ride Stealth

Easton - Ride Stealth

Easton Lacrosse, dedicated to innovation and passion, has released a new commercial. The Easton commercial explores the spiritual connection between Easton athlete, Mike Powell, and his instrument, the lacrosse stick. Read More…

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This is the Best Lacrosse Stick Trick Video Ever Featuring Matt Gibson


Since the season ended, Gibson has been hittin’ the road with Easton Lacrosse. This evening, we received a special video, which showcases Gibson’s redonkulous stick handling skills. He is beyond good. Easton Lacrosse only sponsors athletes who resemble the company’s passion for the sport. Read More…

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Easton Lacrosse Ninja


Easton’s comical sponsored athlete, Brett Queener, stars in Bad at Lacrosse Ninja. The Easton Lacrosse spot is more of a goofball video showing the talented Hamilton National player doing failed stick tricks, while working on his ninja craft. Yet, this is where Easton Lacrosse excels. Read More…

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Easton Lacrosse Unveils New Helmet and Gloves at Lake Placid Lacrosse Classic


When the Powells step onto a field, everyone hears about it. Days ago, we got word that Casey and Mike Powell would be suiting up for team Burnt Orange at the Lake Placid Lacrosse Classic, so we sent an intern up to New York. When we received pictures back from our minion on the ground, we got a lot more than we had anticipated. Not only did we get pics of Casey and Mike Powell, but we also got pics of the newest Easton Lacrosse gear. Read More…

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Easton Lacrosse 2012-13 Product Catalog Cover Features Mike Powell


Easton Lacrosse has enlisted, Verdict Digital, a full service custom creative video and photography studio to shoot the cover of the Easton Lacrosse 2012-13 Product Catalogue. Showcasing one of the biggest names in the sport, Mike Powell makes the Easton gear look better than good. Read More…

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Mike Powell’s Latest Short Film with Brett Queener is a Masterpiece

mike powell, brett queener, easton lacrosse, the mill,

Easton Lacrosse is run by guys who simply love the Creator’s Game to no end. They grew up loving the game as fanatical laxrats and then, when given the chance, infused all of the ingenuity of their heroes into their branding. Months ago, Easton signed one of the most legendary lacrosse players ever, Mike Powell. And now, they’ve given him a camera to illustrate what might occur in his brain. With the help of Brett Queener, Powell directed and edited this short flick called The Mill. Read More…

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Video: Easton Sports Inside Out


We have seen a fair amount of GoPro videos, but this takes a more creative approach. Using over 100 GoPro cameras attached to players and their equipment, Easton brings you a fresh look at team sports from the inside out. Read More…

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Casey Powell Takes the Elevator (Video)

casey powell

This past weekend, Easton Lacrosse athlete and USA player, Casey Powell, delivered a slick low-to-high shot against Denver’s rising star Jamie Faus at the 2012 Champion Challenge. Team USA rode the clear hard, which allowed Kevin Leveille to corral the loose ball and toss it behind-the-back to Matt Bocklet. Bocklet then seals the deal, ultimately, by feeding to Powell. Read More…

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