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US Lacrosse Convention: The Powell Hour (Video)

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Easton athletes Casey Powell, Mike Powell, Brett Queener, and Mike Evans hold the Powell Hour at the 2012 US Lacrosse Convention. Watch and learn how to drop knowledge bombs on peeps. Read More…

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Mike Powell is Back, Parkour Stick Trick Video

mikey powell is back with easton lacrosse

It has been exactly three months to the day since Easton Lacrosse announced the signing of Casey Powell, Brett Queener and Michael Evans to multi-year endorsement contracts. The players have been involved in developing new products for the company and creating exclusive content for Easton Lacrosse, as well as participating in camps, clinics and other events for Easton. The three have been extremely instrumental in growing the brand and its products, but now they will have a little more help from a familiar legend. Read More…

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Easton Lacrosse Unveils New Athlete (Video)

easton lacrosse

Easton Lacrosse will be announcing the arrival of a new Easton athlete. This video placement will give you an idea of who he is. The player is the complete package and will, without a doubt, add a tremendous amount of flare to the Easton team. Read More…

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2011’s Most Viewed Stories

easton lacrosse helmet

2011 is coming to a close and it’s almost time to flip the page to a new chapter. We are thankful for a lot of things that took place in 2011, but we’re especially thankful for our readers. You guys make everything we do worth it! We have compiled a top 10 list of the most read stories from 2011 and some of them may surprise you. Read More…

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Easton – Outlaws Gear Day (Video)


Easton Lacrosse outfits the San Francisco-based Alcatraz Outlaws before their big tournament swing on the East coast. The players were supplied helmets, shafts and heads among other pieces of equipment. Read More…

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Easton Raptor Helmet Review


Per many requests from readers we will begin writing reviews on the latest equipment in the game. Kicking off the first review is resident author, Michael Britt. Easton supplied him with their new Raptor helmet. Below is his honest analysis. Read More…

Easton Lacrosse: Danielle Spencer’s Motivation (Video)


Check out this Verdict video piece for Easton Lacrosse featuring Danielle Spencer. Danielle is one of the most highly decorated women’s lacrosse players in the game right now. A 3-time National Champion in college, member of Team USA and currently a coach at Stanford, Danielle stays super motivated to be the best. Read More…

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Enter the Easton Lacrosse Helmet Design Center, The Dome

Screen shot 2011-11-06 at 1.13.53 PM

Experience the Dome. Easton-Bell Sports’ commitment to the development of state of the art head protection for the world of sport. This video lets you enter Easton-Bell Sports Helmet design center (aka “The Dome”), and shows why they are a leader in innovation and design in helmets for today’s athlete. Only five days until the Raptor lacrosse helmet is available for sale. Read More…

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Brown Lacrosse Halloween Practice 2011


The men of the Brown University Lacrosse team have really been making the rounds this week. The team decided to make this year’s Halloween skill session a little more interesting. What in the world is Coach Tiffany wearing? Read More…

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Easton Lacrosse Travels To Native Vision


Since Easton entered the lacrosse industry they have played a big role in inspirational projects. They were present at Play For Parkinson’s in October and now they unite with Native Vision. Native Vision uses sport as a way to mentor Native American youths who have to face harsh realities that most kids don’t have to deal with. LPG blogger Zach Heffner travels with Easton Lacrosse to Native Vision in New Mexico and discovers that the benefits of sport, do not end when you leave the field. Read More…

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