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The Complete Evolution of the Lacrosse Stick


You know that highly technological metal lacrosse stick that moves seamlessly through your gloves, perfectly balanced, strong and sturdy, comprised of the best material known to man? Well surprisingly enough, laxers haven’t always been so lucky to use such artfully crafted pieces of lacrosse equipment. There was a time as early as 1000 A.D. where laxers had to build their own lacrosse sticks, usually of wood, and pray that they wouldn’t break. Or even worse, hope that the ball wouldn’t hit the lip when passing or shooting. Cringe. Read More…

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University of Michigan’s Lacrosse Team’s Evolution

So what has it taken to become one of the best teams in the MCLA? Moreover, what does running a top program in the MCLA even entail? I have been asked numerous times by many adoring lacrosse fans, who love lacrosse, and Michigan Lacrosse even more, just what all does it take to make Michigan Lacrosse a success. Keep Reading…