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Farkas Eye Black: Inside the Tin


We first heard of Farkas Eye Black a few months ago when they began engaging top club lacrosse programs. As you know, Farkas Eye Black was inspired by NFL great Andy Farkas, who in 1942, was the first to wear eye black in NFL. Read More…

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Farkas Eye Black Announces Board of Directors


Following the release of a new eye black formula, Farkas Eye Black announced today its leadership team. The team is tasked with assisting the family-owned, inspired and operated company to expand distribution channels and establish strategic partnerships. Read More…

Major League Lacrosse EyeBlack

EyeBlack is worn by a wide range of athletes in football, baseball and lacrosse. A good amount still use the old venerable tar to spread across their face to prevent glare from the sun, but many are catching on to a new era of EyeBlack., a partner with Major League Lacrosse, produces peel-n-stick EyeBlack for all the teams in the pro league. What used to be only available to the players are now obtainable for the fans.

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