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Farkas Eye Black Engraving Option

Lax Playground farkas engraved tin

Embracing their role as an innovator in the eye black market, Farkas Eye Black is at it once again; adding a new feature to their (already stylish) silver tins: personal engraving, which brings a whole new level of meaning to the tradition-rich and scientifically proven product. Read More…

Hudson Sutler Commuter Duffel Bag


Everyone needs a duffel bag. Ugly messenger bags sidelined the duffel years ago with the emergence of hipsters. Fortunately, Hudson Sutler has refreshed our memory of what it feels and looks like to stroll in style. The Hudson Sutler ‘Sconset Commuter Duffel is a classic example of contemporary design. Read More…

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Farkas Eye Black Announces Board of Directors


Following the release of a new eye black formula, Farkas Eye Black announced today its leadership team. The team is tasked with assisting the family-owned, inspired and operated company to expand distribution channels and establish strategic partnerships. Read More…

Lehigh Men’s Lacrosse 2012 Player Blog: ‘Bring on the Terps’

ryan snyder, lehigh lacrosse,

The privilege of playing lacrosse together still at this point in May is also special in its own right, but again by no means any source of complacency. A new opponent, a new opportunity, and a plethora of new naysayers are on the horizon. As has been the case since the days of my recruitment to Lehigh, though, the more that people predict us to lose, the more motivated (and more likely) we are to win. Bring on the Terps, bring on the NCAA Tournament, bring on the doubt…bring on whatever and I’m confident that it will only make this Lehigh lacrosse family stronger in the end. Read More…

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