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Fields of Growth’s Kevin Dugan Reveals Future Plans in Uganda and Jamaica

Fields of Growth's Kevin Dugan Reveals Future Plans in Jamaica

Fields of Growth is a great organization with an even better mission. The organization has done development programs and community based projects in Uganda and Jamaica. Read More…

Next One Up Foundation Epitomizes Growing the Game of Lacrosse


The Mission of Next One Up Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit corporation, is to enrich the lives of Baltimore City student-athletes by supporting their academic, athletic, and social development through the Lacrosse Leadership Program. One of the core elements of Next One Up Foundation’s mission is to inspire youth to achieve academic success and improved physical and mental health. Read More…

Fields of Growth Volunteers Build a House for Batwa Pygmies in Uganda

fields of growth

Fields of Growth Volunteers helped build a house for the Batwa Pygmies in Uganda last Summer. This video, which was edited by Adam Little, captures the impact FOG has been fighting to make. The volunteers, who are lead by Notre Dame assistant coach Kevin Dugan, are seen building a house from the ground up with a Batwa community. Read More…