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The Best Lacrosse Fight You’ll See Today

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This week’s WLA Finals up North in Canada featured a brawl between the Langley Thunder and the New West Salmonbellies. We almost get lucky enough to see a bench-clearing brawl, but we are only left with three strong bouts: Brodie ‘The Anesthesiologist’ MacDonald vs. Matt Roik, Steve Hay vs. Matt Laustrup, and Kyle Ross vs. Jamie Lincoln. Read More…

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Sports Win Compilation Video

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This video is a compilation with a few of the best plays from this year thus far (plus one or two from 2010) from an array of sports. The highlight is obviously the lacrosse fight and “fake” snap during the football game. Read More…

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Indoor Lacrosse Fight

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A fight broke out during an Alberta Junior B game in Canada this past weekend. It ends uncharacteristically to say the least. Read More…

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Paul Dawson Knockout Reenactment with Legos

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Philadelphia tough guy Paul Dawson knocked out Buffalo rookie Travis Irving in Week 6 action in the NLL this past season. The Philly Wings took insult to injury a step further and put together an impressive reenactment of the fight with legos. Read More…

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2 Huge Knockout Lacrosse Hits

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Let the bodies hit the floor. Here’s the most bone-crushing lacrosse video you’ll see all day. It’s an indoor game that appears to be up North in Canuckland. It also appears to be an older guy playing much younger kids. Indoor lacrosse encourages hitting and fighting just like every NHL team has an agressor. The hits are hard but are aimed at the opponent’s throat. Don’t respect the hits, but we respect the hustle. Read More…

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Cal Lacrosse Player Gets Testy

University of California – Berkeley lacrosse player makes a low blow, distracts his defenseman and continues to score a goal. To some this may be viewed as a hustle play, but we absolutely do not condone this behavior.Keep Reading…

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The Latest National Lacrosse League Fights

What’s the NLL without fights? Beats me, but we love it. Fights add spice. Americans rarely fight. There’s gotta be something in the Canadian agua ey. More fights this way, Keep Reading…

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NLL Fights and Highlights From Week 1

It’s pretty self-explanatory ey? Enjoy highlights and fights from the first week of the NLL season. Keep Reading…

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