Scotland 36 Man Roster Revealed

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Men’s lacrosse in Scotland has come a long way since November 2007 when John Kenney saw his first training session in Edinburgh. Almost 4 years on, after 4 major international tournaments and several tours, Scotland is now ranked 7th in the world. Read More…

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Woodson joins Lindsay and Harrison to aid Thailand Lacrosse for 2011

MLL and LXM Pro Player Chazz Woondson signed on board as Thailand Lacrosse’s Development officer for 2011, along side Sean Lindsay and Kyle Harrison. Woodson is no stranger to the TLA organization, this past October he and Lindsay traveled to Bangkok to aid and training the Thai national team to victory against it’s regional rival Hong Kong. Keep Reading…

Game Photos: World Games Championship

We went through a small portion of the photos we took of this game…. and posted the best ones. One thing to note….the trading of gear was rampant before, during, and after this game. Players from every country were gathered in the beer tent…outside the stadium….in the quad outside the dorms…swapping for gear…and everyone wanted a piece of Team USA. Click the photo to view the Facebook album.

Japan Karate Inspired Uniforms

Japan is looking really awesome in their Karate uniforms. Japan is a definite front-runner for best uniforms at the Lacrosse World Championships. Also included is a Brine Triumph helmet with Blue visor, chin and decals.

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New Zealand Haka For Lacrosse

As a tradition team New Zealand shows their national spirit and gives a Haka before matches. Taped during FIL Lacrosse World Championships 2010 against Scotland. Quite intimidating. No? Keep Reading…

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Team Germany Warrior Uniforms

Dave Campbell has checked in again for Team Germany. Dave discusses the Iroquois team’s situation and also includes some photos of Deutschland’s uniforms. View Uniforms…

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Team Germany: Cascade Pro 7 Helmet x Brine King II Glove

While the World Games are about to begin LPG will have a number of players from all over the world filling our readers in on what’s going on in Manchester. Dave Campbell from Team Germany has been checking in with us on his teams training as well as gear. Keep Reading…

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Italia Royal Blue Uniform

Team Italy is pumped for Manchester…and for good reason. Italia’s Adidas home uni’s will be Royal Blue with Gold numbers. More…

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Team Canada Brine Triumph Helmet

Canada will be wearing these Brine rigs for the World Games. View Helmet…

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Italia Dye Job

Connor Wilson from LAS dyes up some Italian themed Gait heads for players on Team Italy.

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