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Rock Charity Game Hits Fundraising Target

Toronto – The Toronto Rock and Sunnybrook Foundation teamed up to “Black Out Breast Cancer” with 3 weeks of fundraising that culminated with their March 4th game against Philadelphia. The Rock were able to raise in excess of $30,000 and the lacrosse club will now have an Examination Room named in their honor at the new Sunnybrook Breast Cancer Centre slated to open in November. Read More…

Weekly Mashup, A Lot of Weekend Reading

Each Friday the Weekly Mashup brings you links to some of the articles you may not have seen that involve lacrosse or lacrosse players. Here are some of the news-makers from this week.

New site launches as a way to help teams raise money

Let’s face it, playing lacrosse can get expensive. But if you run a team or a league that can get to be even more of a burden. Field fees, refs, league fees, goals, and equipment add up. And for some reason no matter how of good a shooting team you are you still manage to go through a case of balls pretty quickly.

That’s why so many teams look for new and creative ways to raise money for their program. A new way to raise money for lacrosse teams just launched: