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Lacrosse Packguy(Video)

Lacrosse Packguy(Video)

The Packguy is a new organizational tool for lacrosse gear. It holds everything together from the helmet, to the rib, shoulder and elbow pads as well as a ball, tape/pre-wrap mouthpiece and more. It also allows the stick itself to easily be attached or removed from the system without leaving the typical pile of equipment behind. This video after the jump shows a demonstration of the Lacrosse Packguy and the ease of use.>>VIEW VIDEO

Google Nexus One Smartphone Preview

The Google Nexus One Smartphone is supposed to drop today. The Nexus One is Google’s answer to the Droid. View Gizmodo’s review of the product after the jump.

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SmrtCase For Your BlackBerry Tour

SmrtCase has introduced a new spin on hard cases for your BlackBerry Tour. Dissimilar to cellphone covers on the market, SmartCase’s Glide offers one feature everyone can use – a pocket. No, it’s not a pocket exactly, but a chamber to with “the ability to store and easily access cards from in between the phone and case. Think business cards, metro pass, hotel room key, office swipe card, student id card or college pay for meals pass, etc.”


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Bring Us With You…In Style

INCASE has released a Perforated Snap Case for iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 3G. With its simple snap-on attachment and lightweight construction, the Perforated Snap Case is a unique protective hard case for your iPhone.>>READ MORE


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SoundMatters Introduces Portable foxL V2 Bluetooth Speaker

Dubbed the first pocket-size (5.6- x 2.2- x 1.4-inches) speaker, the foxL V2 Bluetooth, can stream music and phone calls from any Bluetooth enabled source such as your phone or car. You can play music up to five hours on a full charge and can blare a deeper bass with 3x better reception than the previous non-Bluetooth from the previous year.>>READ MORE


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Carhartt x Vestax Handy Trax USB Turntable


The last time LPG mentioned Carhartt was back in early October. Carhartt has now teamed up with Japanese company, Vestax. Together, the two have collaborated on a brilliant piece of work, the Handy Trax USB turntable.

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Sparkz iPhone Projector

Sparkz is an innovative new product from Apple. Sparkz acts as a dock for your iPhone, iTouch or iPod video. This gadget not only charges your phone, but it can actually project a 640 x 480 resolution on a 60-inch viewing area equipped with stereo speakers. Watch Sparkz in action after the jump. >>READ MORE


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It's The Impact You Make

Founded by two brothers, Warner and Cole Jenkins, Shock-it Sports is dedicated to make life easier on the player with the Shock Pocket. The Shock Pocket is a pocket pounder that will shorten the length of time to break in and mold your pocket. The product features a stem attached to a ball on one side and a handle to grip on the other. You can also customize the Shock Pocket to practically any color combination you want. Read more after the jump to hear from the Shock Pocket creators themselves. >>Read More


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Nixon Newton Digital Watch

You can’t get more slick than the latest watch from Nixon, the Newton Digital. >>Read More


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