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Sneak Peek: UHWK Camera


This January a new camera developed by two OHL players, Shea Kewin and Tim Priamo, who were looking for a better more sports oriented camera for training and recreational use. The UHWK camera they developed is a much lighter camera than similar cameras on the market and is more streamlined to the player. This camera also provides a […]

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Lacrosse Goalies, How Quick Are Your Hands?


NEW YORK, April 1, 2014 — America’s oldest sport is rooted in tradition and is also slow to adapt to new advancements in technology both on and off the field. The Guardian National Championship is proud to announce that the goalies attending its July 29th event will be the first lacrosse players in the United States to have access to and be evaluated on the groundbreaking BATAK Pro Reaction system. Read More…

GoPro Drone Will Take Your Game To New Heights


Usually, these Orwellian gadgets scare the living daylights out of me. We’ve got enough cameras following us on a daily basis. However, this GoPro Drone really gets me excited! The GoPro helmet cams have really elevated the creative coverage of club games in the Summer and I believe the Lehmann Aviation GoPro Drone will take the game to new heights. Read More…

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ThermaCell Rechargeable Heated Insole


For those who train hard in the Winter months you know how cold it can be at 6am. You really feel the cold conditions across your face, hands and feet. ThermaCell has a solutiuon for cold feet. Rechargeable foot warmer is operated by a wireless remote control while the foot warmer is inside your shoes or cleats. Three temperature settings.

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Lacrosse Playground Holiday Gift Guide 2

gift guide 2

Because one Gift Guide is never enough, we’ve made a second one for you and your loved ones. This Gift Guide has a little for everyone. From books to flasks, this Gift Guide will give you ideas for the crunch time shopping. Read More…

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Triple (3-stick) LaXtube Lacrosse Stick & Pole Carrier


3-stick capacity LaXtube for carrying up to 3 lacrosse sticks or poles at a time. Slides quickly and easily into your 2″ hitch. Forget folding down seats and trying to maneuver muddy wet sticks into your clean Lax Wagon. Safely transport your sticks to and from practice and games.

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Will NeverWet Spray-On Coating Repel Chocolate Syrup?


Ross Technology Corp. needed a better way to reduce corrosion on the steel products. When they couldn’t find a suitable one, they worked on creating something on their own. And eventually they hit upon a slick silicon-based spray-on coating. But will it repel chocolate syrup? Read More…

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iHome ip4 Boombox

iHome ip4 Boombox

The iP4 is a re-imagining of the classic stereo boombox (Radio Raheem anyone?) with intriguing updates for your iPhone and iPod. The iP4 features SRS TruBass digital signal processing technology and 5 band EQ coupled with 4″ carbon composite woofers and 1″ ferro fluid cooled tweeters for sound that has to be heard to be appreciated. Read More…

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Beer Hour Beer Can Dispenser

beer can dispenser

Pour the perfect pint every time with the Beer Hour dispenser from Takaratomy. This home beer dispenser allows you to get a great pour from canned beer. Simply open the can and attach the Beer Hour. It takes the guesswork out of pouring beer – no more flat, tasteless glasses or overflowing messes. More affordable than adding a tap to your home bar.

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Crossbow Snow Launcher

snowball launcher sharperimage

You’ll look forward to the next blizzard when you’re armed with the Crossbow Snowball Launcher. Load a snowball into the front of the Launcher, pull back the lever, aim and fire at the target (provided) or your next victim. The Crossbow Launcher shoots snowballs up to 60 feet. Read More…

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