Game Photos: Johns Hopkins vs Georgetown Fall ’11


Play For Parkinson’s showcased a number of high quality games. In one of the matchups we saw Hopkins play G’Town. Both teams played hard til the end. Hopkins stood out with new Chrome facemasks, Carbon Vapors, Huarache 3′s and FLOW. Read More…

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Game Photos: Virginia Cavaliers Edge Lynchburg College in Lax scrimmage


The Lynchburg College men’s lacrosse team hosted the University of Virginia Thursday night in a scrimmage. 3,000 or so people showed up to watch the high-powered affair. The Hornets battled the defending Division I national champion Cavaliers the entire game, losing just 13-9. Read More…

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Game Photos: Laxtoberfest 2011


This weekend dozens of teams participated in the 14th annual Laxtoberfest tournament. Teams from many levels of play were present including high school, men’s elite, masters as well as women’s teams. We have a few photos from the tourney showcasing uniforms from the action. Read More…

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St. Mary’s MCLA Photos — For Sale


Verdict Photography and MCLA Magazine have been able to put their highly sought after series for St. Mary’s Lacrosse Team for the (now famous) March 2011 MCLA Cover up for sale. Purchase the entire series on a CD at the VerdictStore or click HERE to order individual photos.

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Game Photos: More from the CroArt Surf n Turf Tournament 2011

croart lacrosse

Alex Pitocchelli posted pics from the Surf n Turf tourney yesterday. Here are more photos from the event in South Boston. Read More…

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Game Photos: Surf n Turf Tournament 2011

surf n turf-10

This weekend South Boston hosted the Surf n Turf Lacrosse Tournament. . The weekend showcased great action from the mens side as well as the womens division. The post game festivites were also a pleasure. I have a few photos from the weekend after the jump. Read More…

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Game Photos: Laxbal, Hoboken League Champs!


Earlier this Summer we ran a story on Laxbal Clothing. Laxbal is, well, more than just an apparel company, it’s also a lax team. This week Laxbal ended up winning the Hoboken League championship. After 6 years of playing and 3 championship games they finally hoisted the first place trophy. Read More…

Game Photos: Lake Placid Tournament 2011

syracuse 22

Founded in 1990 by George Leveille with only a hand full of teams the Lake Placid Classic has turned into one of the most popular tournaments in the country. A reported 150+ teams competed at the event over seven days. It’s truly become a unique mix of competition, socialization, vacation, and reunion all wrapped into one. The tournament also presented a lot of outrageous uniforms. Read More…

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War at the Shore Photos, the Pro Athletics Killer Bees

Screen shot 2011-08-01 at 11.54.48 AM

The Killer Bees is a Pro Athletics sponsored team who took to the streets at the annual War at the Shore tournament this past weekend. Here are game photos from the tourney. Read More…

Game Photos: The 21st Annual Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament


The 21st Annual Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament finished up today, wrapping up easily one of the best weekends of the summer. The tournament featured 28 men’s teams from all over the country, most of which were based out of the West Coast. Read More…

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