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Lacrosse Fights: Brodie Merrill vs Gavin Prout, and One Player vs an Entire Team

The NLL season is still going strong, which undoubtedly means it’s still fighting season. Last week proved to be a good preview of what the rest of the season may look like. Additionally, it makes New York Rangers’ Sean Avery look like a Sally. Keep Reading…

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Three Lacrosse Fights, Plus Gavin Prout Drops Jimmy Quinlan

Saturday, April 2, the visiting Edmonton Rush came to blows with the Colorado Mammoth. Colorado’s Gavin Prout and Edmonton’s Jimmy Quinlan made sure the fans got a show. As the fight begins, it’s apparent that Prout is laughing. Maybe it’s because he’s much smaller than Quinlan or maybe it’s because Quinlan’s favorite TV show is Intervention. Keep Reading…

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