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Tribe7 Ghost7 Equipment Review


Long time fan and reader, Brady ‘Bradford’ Fitzgerald, is sharing an equipment review with the site today. Bradford is reviewing the Ghost7 head by Tribe7 Lacrosse. View his thorough review after the jump. Read More…

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Tribe7 Ghost Series


Tribe7 is showing us their new equipment in the Ghost series. It is labeled the Ghost series because the gloves and head enable you to move effortlessly and smoothly on the lacrosse field. The head in particular is the lightest in the game. Read More…

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Ghost7 Glove By Tribe7Lax Shields Off Bullets (Video)


Tribe7Lax has been fielding questions for some time now if the new Ghost7 line of equipment (head, gloves) is really battle tested? Well, Tribe7 wants to put all suspicions to rest with this documented video. Bullets and grenades are among the many methods of destruction used to see if these products have the wherewithal to survive anything. Read More…

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Scare The Opposition With The Ghost7 Head


The Ghost7 head is Tribe7’s latest game changer. The Ghost7 is designed for offensive players, of all ages. It weighs a mere 3.59 ounces (102 grams) making it the lightest head in the game. The heads are available now in a Black colorway. Read More…

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