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The World of Women’s Indoor Box


Hello from Buffalo, NY! You may not know it, but not only are ladies playing lacrosse up here, but they’re doing it indoors. In fact, thousands of young women are playing box lacrosse in North America. If you know what box lacrosse is, you may have heard it called many different names: “box lacrosse,” “boxla,” […]

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IWLCA Conference and Banquet Presented by Nike Video Recap

Here is a recap video of the annual IWLCA Annual Meeting and Banquet, presented by Nike. The conference took place November 19-21 at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Read More…

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Girls Lacrosse Sticks: The Vanishing Art of Stick Tuning


Buying a new stick is like getting a new baseball mitt – it needs to be properly broken in before it can be used effectively. Most players and parents don’t realize this, and we see many “tennis racquets” –new or restrung sticks that haven’t been adjusted – in our training sessions. The pocket of a girls stick must be adjusted to make it easier to catch, cradle, and throw while also conforming to the rules. Read More…

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B.R.O.’s Top 10 Reasons to be a Lacrosse Player

As the summer pushes into yet another heatwave and things inevitably slow down, I find myself thinking about cooler, simpler times. Times when deadlines and pitchbooks were foreign concepts, when happy hours and networking were meaningless to me; high school times, college times…good times. Mixing one part whimsy, one part varsity pride and three parts “flow,” my mind starts to race. Without further ado, I bring you the top ten reasons to be a lacrosse player. Keep Reading…

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Ashley Greene Is On Set

Ashley Greene, the Twilight vamp, is back on the set of her new movie, Warrior. The movie also stars the other Cullen family member, Kellan Lutz. Learn more about Warrior.

Daisy Lowe – Esquire

We’ve hit a lot of milestones this first Spring and it’s all because of our fans. This is a big thank you to you guys! Enjoy Daisy Lowe, British model and the daughter of Gavin Rossdale.

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LaxFeed: Dowd’s Got More Trix Up Her Sleeve

In the latest episode of “LaxFeed,” Lacrosse Magazine’s weekly video podcast, Northwestern and Team USA star Katrina Dowd talks about the moment that made her an icon, the headband and the skater-like swagger she brings to the field. VIDEO AFTER THE JUMP…