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Go Pro Workouts Renegade Push-ups With Brendan Mundorf


As promised Lacrosse Playground and Go Pro Workouts are pleased to be able provide you training tips from 2012 MLL MVP Brendan Mundorf! The push-up had been an old standby exercise for coaches and drill instructors alike for years. Fact is it is a great total body exercise that works your back, shoulders, core, triceps and chest. Read More…

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Dynamic Warm Up: Walking Giant Lunge With Kyle Hartzell


As far back as grade school gym, I’m sure you can remember your gym teacher preaching the benefits of “warming up” before any exercise or athletic event. While they probably were not models of fitness themselves they actually were helping you out. Stretching and warming up before working out is critically important but just like anything including the KangaRoos shoes you wore back then, traditional static warm ups have been replaced with better and more effective methods. Read More…

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Lacrosse Playground Training Tips


Lacrosse Playground is pleased to announce our partnership with Go Pro Workouts; a new sports fitness company that is revolutionizing the way athletes train for sports. Their 8-week sport-specific strength and conditioning programs are custom designed and tested by some of today’s most dynamic pro athletes and tailored to mirror their real off-season training regimens. Read More…

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