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Scotland Box Lacrosse Filmed In Abandoned Warehouse

Scotland Box Lacrosse Promo Video

The Glasgow Clydesiders have recently released a promo edit for box lacrosse in Scotland. The team, along with filmmaker (@paulmac4444), created this film in a dark abandoned factory of south-side Glasgow. I hope you like it. Read More…

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Scottish Box Lacrosse League, A Brief Look Inside

Scottish Box Lacrosse League

Glasgow Clydesiders were founded in the Summer of 2012 by Myles Bonnar and Hal Jones who decided to create the foundation for the possible establishment of a Scottish Box Lacrosse League. The group started with around 20 members and 10-12 players attending the weekly Wednesday game. Since then, the membership figures have risen to 50 + after the inclusion of players from field lacrosse clubs such as Stirling University, Edinburgh City, Glasgow University and Glasgow City. Read More…

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