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2013 Occidental Lacrosse Player Blog: Swag Captain

2013 Occidental Lacrosse Player Blog: Swag Captain

If I had to describe lacrosse to someone I would say that it is the sports equivalent of the Harlem Shake. When you first watch it, you are sitting there confused as to what is happening until the beat drops and everything goes insane. You then proceed to watch forty-five different YouTube videos on it, and with each video you get more and more stoked. Read More…

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Louisville Lacrosse Harlem Shake, This One is Actually Good

February 17, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Louisville Cardinals head coach Rick Pitino claps against the South Florida Bulls during the second half at the Sun Dome. Louisville Cardinals defeated the South Florida Bulls 59-41. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I wish it would all stop, but when the video is good…it’s good. It pains me a lot, but I’m putting up another Harlem Shake video. At this point, it’ll never die. These girls were, however, very creative. At first, you believe it’s just a post-game speech, but it soon turns into a dance party. Read More…

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Harlem Shake Video Actually Made In Harlem


Lacrosse-playing students from Harlem Lacrosse & Leadership (HLL) practice on the concrete handball courts outside their Harlem (NYC) public school. After a long week of study halls leading up to their first outdoor practices, coaches decided that the students had earned a little dance break. This is what happened next… Read More…

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One More Harlem Shake Video

harlem shake-lacrosse

The Collierville JV Lacrosse team got in on the fun. We’ve seen a lot of Harlem Shake lacrosse videos and this one is inspiring. Moment of nostalgia: High school lunch was the best. Read More…

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UNC Lacrosse Answers Indiana’s Harlem Shake

UNC Lacrosse Releases Harlem Shake Video

Everyone and their mama are releasing Harlem Shake videos. UNC Lacrosse heard all of the noise and responded with a rendition of their own. Read More…

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Indiana University Lacrosse Performs The Harlem Shake


Indiana University Lacrosse gets down with the Harlem Shake. The Harlem Shake is a dance that originated in Harlem, New York. Since its beginnings, it has spread to other urban areas and become popular in music videos. Read More…

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