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Fitting Your Lacrosse Head on a Different Brand's Shaft

On December 30th, Will Holley, a regular on our Fan Page, posted the comment, “You guys should do a post on fitting heads to shafts. It seems like a lot of people don’t know the hot water trick.” We liked this idea for a post because it demonstrates creativity, originality and innovation. The staff at LPG liked it so much that we asked Will to write a guest post. Keep Reading…

Video: The Warrior Chrome Fade

As we mentioned yesterday, a Warrior exclusive for the Chrome Fade will be launching this holiday season. It’ll be available on the Evo Pro 2.0 and the Evo X. The Chrome Fade will come in a variety of team colors.

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Nike Chrome Heads Available at Laxworld

Go ahead and pre-order your Chrome Nike Lakota, Elite10, Legacy or Tala at LaxWorld! Available mid Octless than a minute ago via web

The Chrome Nike Lakota, Elite10, Legacy and Tala are available for pre-orders at the Annapolis LaxWorld. Keep Reading…

Video: Reebok Increasing Hockey and Lacrosse Stick Speed With O-Technology

Most athletes will concur that even the smallest advantage in sport can drastically improve their performance. Reebok is using the latest technology to provide those advantages to athletes across several different sports.

The latest trend in sports such as hockey, lacrosse and baseball is called O-Technology, which Reebok adapted from tennis racket maker, Prince. The technology involves cutting holes in the shaft of a hockey stick, lacrosse stick or baseball bat, which increases the speed with which an athlete swings. Keep Reading…

South Swell Sports TV Presents the Color Spectrum

South Swell Sports has the full color spectrum of the newest STX Lacrosse heads.

Brine Blueprint Dye Job

Mad props go to keviano1 for tweeting this Hi-Liter Yellow head with funky shooting strings to us. Keep the pics coming guys. We can’t get enough of it. View More…

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Chrome: Q & A with the Man Behind the Chrome Phenomenon

Chrome: Q & A with the Man Behind the Chrome Phenomenon

The company behind the trending topic is Mueller Corp. The Boston Cannons’ Justin Smith is the man behind the brand, which is changing up the aesthetics of the game. We got the inside scoop straight from the horse’s mouth in a one-on-one interview.

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Checking In: Paul Rabil

Paul Rabil has been on set of his latest Under Armour shoot for Dick’s Sporting Goods. On set, he’s been carrying his custom dyed heads by Lacrosse Unlimited. Keep Reading…

Custom Nike Elite Vapor

Here is a sample of the Syracuse custom Nike Elite Vapor. Please note this is just a sample and not what the team will be wearing. Drop a line and let us know what you think. More Pics…

The Nike Lakota Head

Here is a sneak peak of the new Nike Lakota head, NHFS only, for 2011. View More…