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Do Girls Need Lacrosse Helmets?


Dr. Joseph Crisco, the Henry F. Lippitt Professor of Orthopaedics, recently invited female lacrosse players ranging in age from 12 to 28 into his Rhode Island Hospital lab to swing their sticks for a project titled “Head Accelerations from Various Stick Checks in Girls’ Lacrosse.” Read More…

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Rochester Rattlers Cascade Pro7 Helmets 2012


The Rattlers signature colors (Red, Gold, Black, White) are all present on their brand new Cascade Pro7 helmet. Their helmet is one of the more flashy headpieces in the legue due to the eye-catching and ferocious Snake logo. Read More…

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New Coast Guard Academy Helmets — Cascade Pro7


New Cascade Pro7s arrived for the U.S. Coast Guard Academy Men’s Lacrosse team. The helmets have a White shell with Orange chin. Jersey number on the left, BEAR PAW logo on the right in their Navy/Orange/White color scheme. “COAST GUARD” across the back panel with Service motto “Semper Paratus” (latin for Always Ready) with a fouled anchor across the lower lip to give a unique two-tone look. Read More…

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Elmira College Lacrosse Helmet Design (2012)


Zima Gear is wrapping Cascade Pro7 Helmets for the Elmira Soaring Eagles. The Z-Wrap is Purple and Gold with the player’s number and team mascot on the back panel. The side profile displays Purple wings. The Soaring Eagles are looking to improve this season as they face tough foes in the competitive Empire 8 Conference.

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Assumption College Gloves and Helmets

Assumption College in Worcester, MA, has a lot of very pumped up players this season. Their new gear just arrived and the coaches hooked them up with Brine King III gloves with the school crest on the cuff, Cascade CPX-R helmets with the crest on the left side and #s on the right side, and new Nike uniforms. Keep Reading…

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Lynchburg Lacrosse '24/7'

Here is a video highlighting Lynchburg’s mission this season with them sporting their Cascade CPX-R helmets. Go to LAS for more info on them.

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Head Wrapz x Adrenaline Vegas Starz

We have pics of’s latest masterpiece. They got together with Adrenaline to deliver a hot design for their Vegas Starz team. Keep Reading…

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Cascade Lacrosse Helmets Receive Chrome in Their Stockings

The Mueller Corporation leaked a new development in the chrome game. They put the finishing touches on a few Cascade chins. We found out about the chrome progression here.

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Pro7 Golden Cascade Helmets for Notre Dame Lacrosse

The Irish are excited about their new Pro7 Golden Cascade helmets. Check out the manufacturing process and what they have to say about the new gear.

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Warrior TII Duke Lacrosse Helmets

We recently introduced you to a behind the scenes photo from the photo shoot for Warrior’s new helmet, the TII helmet. That former picture was that of Princeton. LAS has unearthed pics of the Duke version.